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In our trade, we often see problems with the mushroom vents

Disadvantages of the standard mushroom

  • Originally designed for ceiling fans (250cfm), the mushrooms do not meet the outlet pressure requirements for nearly all major rangehood brands. Due to the of the mushroom design of the top outlet, the spigot and the cap,; the outlet size is 35% smaller than the inlet. The air pressure cannot exhaust effectively thus resulting in the fan motor having to work harder due to restriction of the air pressure. Naturally this makes the fan noisy and stops the Rangehood from operating at optimum levels because the air direction cannot follow an effective path. This restriction is makes it impossible to comply with manufacturers’ installation requirements.
  • A very important disadvantage is the fact that mushrooms do not meet the requirements that are set out for AS 3959 (Australian Standards Bushfire Regulations)
  • Mushrooms do not stop flies, bees and vermin from entering the ducting. The hot foul air (85 degrees C) is exhausted directly down onto the roof cover which damages the integrity of the sealant and creates an entry point for vermin to take advantage of any food source available. This also causes staining and fat build up on the roof and can weaken the silicon around the flashing and spigot. This can create a slip hazard for workers on the roof.
  • Mushrooms are not designed for high winds and rain – they tend to vibrate, whistle and leak in storms.
  • Maintenance is an issue as mushrooms are not designed to be cleaned. However they should be cleaned as they collect fat residue over time which is a fire hazard.
  • Aesthetically they are ugly, often fitted incorrectly and invariably randomly positioned.
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Why The Dragon Vent Is A Far Superior Product

  • Authorised by the CSIRO to BAL40 (Bushfire Attack Level 40)
  • The 2mm stainless steel mesh completely cuts off entry points to the house, thus preventing embers, flies, bees and vermin from entering the house.
  • The system’s unique gravity trap door stops cold air returning into the house which reduces the energy costs for the consumer.
  • The innovative design allows less restrictive flow of the high volume of pressure from the exhaust fan.
  • Maintenance is easy and safe; the mesh can be easily cleaned with a garden hose.
  • Exhausts air upwards away from the roof, thus protecting it from staining and the build-up of food sources for vermin.
  • The low slim line profile and discreet design allows the vent to be installed directly above the rangehood anywhere on the roof without spoiling the aesthetics of the house.
  • Independently wind tunnel tested in cyclonic conditions. See our video’s on
  • Designed for standard corrugated tin & tile roofs.
  • Roof colour matching available.
  • Designed for modern day exhaust systems.
  • Designed for all climate conditions in Australia and New Zealand.
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Upgrade to a Dragon Vent Today

Upgrading your indoor or outdoor range hood ventilation system to a new Dragon Vent which will provide so many benefits for your home and family.

With a 50% greater extraction air flow, the Dragon Vent is also quieter, eliminates cold drafts and protects your cooking area from flies and vermin.

The new slimline Dragon Vent not only looks fantastic when compared to traditional mushroom vents, but it is also the only Green Star accredited vent in Australia that will help reduce your carbon foot print.

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